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 Magic Pacts

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PostSubject: Magic Pacts   Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:32 am

Magic pacts are a special thing that humans(and only humans) can make with a demon or elemental to gain something. What you can gain depends on which one makes the pact with you and what you offer in exchange.

Elemental pact- In a pact with an elemental you may offer to be the elementals servant or vassal in exchange for the ability to use magic. While you will be limited to that one elementals magic it will be higher quality than the magic of most magi. If you do this you only get 1 spell per 100 fame instead of 3. Making a pact with an elemental is simple and you only have to engrave that elements symbol onto your body. Elementals generally do not want to make pacts as it weakens them. If the elemental dies then the human loses all of his magic ability.
*A mage with 1,000 fame can make a pact with an elemental if all of their spells are in the same element as the elemental this is the only exception to the rules of magic pacts this makes there spells 50% stronger and they get 4 spells per 100 fame instead of 3 this is retroactive past 1,000 fame so for example if you have 1,100 fame when you make the pact you get 1 new spell instantly*

Demon pact- If you make a pact with a demon they generally ask for your soul or for you to do a specific task for them. Demonic pacts are much more powerful than elemental pacts and can give you much better rewards. While a elemental pact limits you to one element a demonic pact could turn you into a full magi or give you a powerful magic item. A demonic pact could also grant you near immortality or bring the dead back to life but to do either of these requires a very high cost. Just as elemental pacts are simple and easy demonic pacts are complex and painful. In a demonic pact a written form of the deal must be recorded and when the human signs it there soul leaves there body to take up root in the demon. Once completed a demon pact can only end when the human fulfills their end of the bargain or the demon frees them. Even if the contracting demon dies the contract will remain. If you sell your soul then the demon that owns it can kill you at any time after both sides of the contract have been fulfilled. Each soul that a demon collects greatly boosts their power and they can trade souls among themselves or to necromancers who can use the souls of the dead to summon them as an undead slave.
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Magic Pacts
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