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A role playing game where you can chose to be one of several races, and rise to the seat of a god.
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 A clear definition of the Magic elements

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PostSubject: A clear definition of the Magic elements   Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:43 am

In case of any confusion over what magic element does what I am making this topic to do just what the title says, clearly lay out what each magical element does.

Earth- Control over rocks and ground, this element manipulates the soil, rocks and minerals on earth.

Water- Water magic manipulates the water around a mage; the water can be pulled from air, plants, or natural sources such as a lake or river.

Fire- Fire controls heat (Both hot and cold) and flame. It can start fires from nothing or suck all the heat out of an area.

Air- Air controls all non-water gasses.

Lightning- Lightning is the creation and manipulation of energy. This includes electricity, light, sound, and gravity listed in order of difficulty, as heat is considered fire it is not included.

Life- Life is magic revolving around the natural world, it includes manipulating plants, and at higher levels animals.

Death- Death revolves around raising the dead and the instant killing of lesser creatures (plants, animals) it is used to create famine and draught and can cast physical de-buff spells.

Holy- Holy magic is blessings and healing spells.

Unholy-Unholy magic is composed of curses and summoning demons.

Void- Void magics focus on bringing a small piece of the void, the source of all magic, into our world. It is usually used in order to cancel out other magic, though masters are able to bring a part of the void into themselves greatly increasing their magical and physical abilities almost to the point of being on par with magical beings such as demons and elementals.
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A clear definition of the Magic elements
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