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A role playing game where you can chose to be one of several races, and rise to the seat of a god.
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 Race - Angel

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PostSubject: Race - Angel   Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:11 am

Angels are immortal, powerful beings that have existed since the beginning of the world. There are 4 well known angels; the angel of life, death, light and shadow. The fifth angel is Lucifer the angel of the world who controls the elements of water, earth, fire, air and lightning. Some stories mention a sixth angel though it has never been confirmed. The angels have absolute control over their element it surpasses the power of any mage, elemental, or even a god. The legends say that the angel of the world is many times more powerful than the other four combined.

While it is unknown what the purpose of the angels is they have always been here. They frequently interact with humans and magi and claim to be servants of the original god. While stories of the 4 spiritual angels are still heard today stories of Lucifer disappeared around 1,000 years ago when mages first appeared.

*Angels are not actually truly immortal they can be killed, just not with any normal spell or weapon*
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Race - Angel
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