Fall from Grace

A role playing game where you can chose to be one of several races, and rise to the seat of a god.
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PostSubject: Plot   Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:50 pm

The world began 2,500 years ago created by god. His first creation was the angels, followed by humans and finally the elementals. For 1,500 years there was peace in the world, and then disaster. There was worldwide destruction volcano's erupted, hurricanes devastated the coasts, tornado's tore cities apart, earthquakes destroyed nations, and thunderstorms burned forests. Half of the world’s population was wiped out, and then as suddenly as it started everything returned to normal the disasters stopped. Two things changed without the humans realizing it though, first god left though this fact was not discovered for a long time, and second the first demons appeared.

Some of the children began to show unusual abilities and could manipulate the elements around them. The people who possessed these abilities were dubbed "magi" for their magic abilities. It was at this time that humans first became aware of the void - the source of all magic. The magi were attacked and persecuted for what many considered to be an evil power. It was widely believed that they gained this power by becoming a servant of the demons. Eventually they fled away from society and into the wilderness where some still live. Other Magi managed to blend in with society and live normal lives. Later it was discovered that metals could be enhanced with magic so that they could mimic the effects of magic. The weapons created through this process were dubbed enchanted, and mages were able to return to main society by offering enchanting services

Ten new beings appeared after the catastrophes, declaring themselves gods they each controlled one element of the world and demanded harsh tributes and human sacrifices. This state of being dominated by the gods persisted for 500 years before a group of humans and magi joined together to fight the gods. While they were slaughtered in the battle the rebellion scared the gods into hiding on the island of Patria Di an island that has ancient wards that stop magical beings from setting foot on it. They settled on taking only 100 human sacrifices each year and rarely leave their island. Every couple of years a foolish warrior challenges a god are never heard from again.
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