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A role playing game where you can chose to be one of several races, and rise to the seat of a god.
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 Rank, and Fame

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PostSubject: Rank, and Fame   Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:07 pm

In this topic I will explain what Rank, and Fame do, simple right?

Rank it is simply a meassure of posts that you have made. As you post more you will rank up, eventually reaching rank 9. However if you obtain one of the gods of old you will automatically recive rank 10 as a reward for the feat. Basicaly it is used as a meassure of experiance on the site and nothing more.

Now to move on to Fame, fame automatically moves up as you post and is used for new weapons and spells. every 100 points of fame you earn grants you 1 new weapon or 3 new spells(You may start with 1 weapon and 2 spells, or 2 weapons). Obtaining the power of a god of old grants 50 fame, making it not only grant your character near unlimited power, but also putting him(her) half way to a new weapon or spell. Magic equiptment costs 500 fame instead of 100.
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Rank, and Fame
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